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Bin Zhou

Bin Zhou

Assistant Professor, Information Systems

Bin Zhou is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems at UMBC. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University, Canada, in 2011.

He has broad research interests in database systems, data mining, and Web search. His research mainly focuses on developing efficient and effective data management and analysis techniques for large-scale data. His recent research projects include designing efficient search techniques on large-scale data, detecting malicious activities that manipulate the Web search results, and protecting users’ privacy in large social networks.

Research Projects
  • Social Spam Detection
    Online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter nowadays have become one of the major information sources for millions of users. Associated with this, however, are increasing amounts of spam information spread over the entire networks. There is great need for methods that can detect spams (e.g., spam information, spam user) effectively and timely. The objective of this project is to investigate methods that can detect spams in online social networks using a unified model by integrating both structural and textual information.
  • Privacy Protection in Web Search
    Web search engines track users’ search activities so as to provide personalized search results. Information such as IP address, search queries, click-through data are all maintained in search logs. Not surprisingly, detailed user profiles can be constructed from search logs. In such a case, search engine companies have to be trusted to not abuse their privileges. However, this arrangement in practice is not always desirable. The objective of this project is to investigate methods that provide privacy protection guarantees for Web users without compromising Web search performance substantially.

Office: ITE 424
Phone: 410-455-3802