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Brandyn Schult

Major: B.A. Human Ecology, M.P.S. Cybersecurity ‘14

Lured by UMBC’s distinction as a CAE school and its prime location in the “Silicon Valley of Cyber”, Brandyn Schult joined UMBC’s Cybersecurity M.P.S. program in Fall 2012 to broaden his understanding of Cybersecurity. He is now part of UMBC’s Cyber Defense Lab (CDL). In Fall 2012, Brandyn was chosen as one of UMBC’s inaugural  NSF Scholarship for Service CyberCorps program scholars.

“What I like about Information Assurance and Cybersecurity is that they are not bound by many technical limitations and new practices are constantly being developed,” explains Brandyn, who graduated from the College of the Atlantic, Maine with a B.A. in Human Ecology. “What we have as students is a chance to help shape a new discipline and that is exciting.”

Brandyn speculates that the biggest cyber threat we face today isn’t from outside sources, like viruses or hackers, but from “the legacy infrastructure that the cyber domain is built on and the users’ interaction with it.” He cites IPv4 and SCADA systems at a fundamental problem. “It’s 2012, yet we are still using technology from the 70’s and 80’s as the foundation for the technology today and tomorrow.”