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UMBC Training Centers Cybersecurity Academy

Within the UMBC Training Centers is the Cybersecurity Academy, which offers a non-credit training program created to prepare working professionals for the cybersecurity demands of the military, intelligence community, federal civilian agencies, and the commercial sector within the Mid-Atlantic region.

Homer Minnick III directs the Cybersecurity Academy. He has worked on cyber defense within the Department of Defense (DoD) and National Security Agency (NSA) as a Computer Network Operations (CNO) Operator and as a Subject Matter Expert. He helped the U.S. Army develop its Cryptologic Network Warfare Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

The aim of the Cybersecurity Academy is to transform civilians and military personnel with basic computer literacy skills into professionals ready for entry-level positions within one of five Computer Network Operations (CNO) job specialties.

There are four Certificate Programs offered by the Cybersecurity Academy:

Certificate in Cyber Foundations
Certificate in Cybersecurity
Certificate in Cyber Operations
Certificate in Cyber Development

For more information please visit UMBC Training Centers Cybersecurity Academy website.